Thursday, October 17, 2013


Tomorrow I celebrate my 1 year anniversary here on facebook! To thank you for your love and support throughout the year, I am giving a FREE 30 minute mini-session that comes with 5 high resolution digital files, a print release form and facebook timeline. WOOHOO!! All you have to do is go enter on my facebook page at the pinned flyer that looks just like this one posted below! All of the official rules, how to enter and important information is on that post also. Good luck and thank you for a great year!

Giveaway @ Megan Alisa Photography!!! Go enter to win!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Orange County, Ca Child Photographer


I love all of the dresses, shoes and accessories used in this shoot made by Joyfolie! The vintage styling, quality materials and colors are just marvelous!

Having the right outfits for your shoot really helps to relay the kind of message you want people to see and feel when they look at your photos. This is true for any kind of photos, whether it is a styled model shoot like these or family portraits. That is why I work closely with anyone I photograph to help guide them in the right direction when choosing their clothing.

If your child is a model and looking to add new styled photos to their portfolio or if you just want some beautiful photos of your children, please email me for prices and availability. It is one of my favorite types of photography sessions!

Later this month I am heading to a great workshop by Work of Heart called Sweetlight Collective Workshop and I am sure I will be sharing lots of photos when I return! I can't wait to see what kind of fun styled set-ups that Skye comes up with for the shoots we are doing. Until then, enjoy these photos! :)

Orange County, Ca Child Photographer

Orange County, Ca Child Photographer

OC Ca Child Photographer

OC ca child photographer

Orange County Ca Child Photographer

OC child photographer

OC Ca child photographer

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Orange County Child Photographer

Sweet Treats Minis! 

Introducing Sweet Treats Mini Sessions! They will take place one night only August 10 starting at 4:30pm. Only 10 spots will be available for this fun event for children only. The location will be in Orange County, Ca and up to two children per time slot. Email to get your spot. You will receive 5 high resolution edited digital files with print release; available through digital download, 15 minutes of shooting time, and each child will receive their own fresh spun cotton candy for $295 + tax. 

Mini sessions will only take place a few times a year, so take advantage of this fun set-up and reserve your time today! Payment must be paid via paypal at time of booking to secure your spot. 

My children got to be my models for this initial sweet treat set-up, those lucky kids. My daughter is wearing a brand new dress design by the fabulous Kangacoo Designs that will be available this week! Her caplet is made by another amazing company, Joyfolie  - who also has other colors available. This caplet, as well as their pink one, will be available to use for these sweet treat sessions if they match your cutie's clothing. I will have hair accessories available as well. 

Megan Alisa Photography Sweet Treat Minis Orange County Ca

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Megan Alisa Photography | Orange County, Ca Child & Family Photographer

This family was such a dream to photograph. Their son gives great hugs, the kids are adorable and happy children! I am a huge sucker for redheads too, considering I am one and so is my son. I can't get enough of this little redheaded cutie! The mom is a talented musician and teacher, as well as beautiful and kind. The dad is such a loving parent and funny. I couldn't have had a better time capturing these moments for them. I love my job!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Megan Alisa Photography | Orange County, Ca Newborn Photographer

I have some sweet newborn baby goodness to share today! I have a confession to make though...every time I take photos of a newborn baby, it makes my ovaries ache a smidgen. I always talk myself out of actually having another baby so far at least. Instead I get to soak up the baby sweetness for a bit! I just love this little ones squishy bity face. Her cheeks and lips are so sweet. Her mama has passed on her good genes to this little beauty.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Megan Alisa Photography | Orange County, Ca Family, Child, Couples Photographer Summer Promotion!

Megan Alisa Photography has a Summer Promotion! 

That is right folks, I have a Summer Promotion starting NOW through August 31, 2013! Schedule now for an on location portrait session for family(up to 4 children per family, $25 for each additional person), children, maternity or couples during Summer and receive a FREE portrait session during the Fall. This is great for those of you who are looking to get photos taken for your holiday cards or just because! This is a $200 value and I have a limited amount of availability open for sessions and am starting to book in July already. So, don't hesitate to take advantage of this promotion! Call today 949-229-0857 or email!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Megan Alisa Photography | Orange County, Ca Photographer

Something has been weighing on my heart for some time. I have held onto it wondering when the right time to post about it was, when I came across this blog post. I realized after reading this, that the time is now. Here is what I read on the post: 

"A letter on my door step. portraits are more than paper.

There will be no portrait photos in this post.  This letter wasn’t mailed – it was at my doorstep when I got home a couple months ago.  I read it, I cried, and read it again – probably a hundred times by now.  It wasn’t easy to read – and honestly, as much as it validates what I do for a living – I wasn’t sure I was going to share it either.  If you choose to read through the letter, you will know why I’ve finally chosen to share it.
July 2nd, 2011
Jeanine - 
Today I am writing for a couple of reasons.  I have some quiet time at the moment and need to get a couple of things off my mind.  I will leave this for my husband to deliver to you when he is ready.
You photographed my wedding, you photographed my first pregnancy and my first baby.  I contacted you awhile back to photograph my 2nd child and family.  After getting prices and realizing I would want all of the pictures as we love your work – I decided against spending $500+ – which is what I normally spend for portraits and prints with you..  Please know it is not because I don’t value your amazing eye, or how much we love the experience.
That week that I decided to NOT do a session with you, this is how I spent some money.
On Sunday I called and cancelled our session.  Monday I went out and got my hair cut ($39+tip), and colored ($65), Thursday I had my nails done ($24), my family went out to dinner at a somewhat expensive restaurant for no particular reason costing us $79 + tip.  This was just 4 days since canceling our session, already totaling over $200 for un necessary things.  My nails only lasted about 2 weeks, my hair is gone, and seven weeks passed when I got the phone call from our doctor.  It was not something I expected and the cancer has spread very quickly.  I will be leaving my husband, my 6 year old girl and my now 2 year old – not by choice.  It is very hard for me to talk about it which is why I need to write you.
I watch your Facebook page and your posts about the value of a photo and if I could give back all of those things that I purchased this few weeks after I cancelled my session with you, knowing what I know now, and have that session, well… I would do it in a heartbeat. 
Now my time is done and there are no more chances for me.  The next time someone cancels a session – my wish is that you forward this letter to them.  Time is fragile, it is gone before you know you had it.  If you charged $200 for one print it wouldn’t be enough for what it is actually worth.  I cringe to think that my priorities were a manicure over a memory to pass onto my babies and husband.
My love and thanks for what you have given us from past photos.  I am so sorry that I did not see it as more than paper until now.
Karen L"

The unfortunate thing, is this letter is very true and very real for many people; including me. My father passed away this last year before I turned 30. While he has always been back and forth between being sick and not my whole life, we were not expecting him to die when he did. It was a huge shock and is still hard for me to believe a man so full of life, such a strong influence in my life is just gone. About 6 months or so before he died, he wanted to get family photos taken of him, my mom and my family together. We never did them and now we will never have a chance to. I carry this with me every time I capture a family with my camera, the smiles, the love, the laughter...all of it. I respect these moments so much because I know how important they are. They are worth more then the money we spend on them. They are worth more then we realize when we take them. Like it is stated above, portraits truly are more then paper.
I urge you to remember that life can change within a blink of an eye and we don't always get another chance to have these moments captured. I mean all of these words very sincerely, as I sit here writing them with tears in my eyes. I love what I do, I love my clients and I love that I get to provide something so special and meaningful to families. If it isn't me who captures these moments for you, I ask you to find someone who's work speaks to you and save up if you need to. Snapshots are great to have as well, but I wish I had more good photos that I enjoyed looking at of all of us. 
This photo is of both of my parents walking me down the isle at my wedding in 2005. While the photo is not very good quality, it is one of the last photos I have of my dad, my mom and I. I wish I had more. I wish I had some of my children with my dad and all of us together. Don't be like me, or this poor woman that wrote the letter above. Don't put it off. Every year people change, grow older, and life happens. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Megan Alisa Photography | Orange County, Ca Editorial & Commercial Children's Fashion Photography

With being so busy, I totally forgot to share these photos I took for the amazing, handmade gorgeous outfits of Tutu Du Monde. If I was a little girl, these are the only outfits I think I would wear. They have this vintage heirloom feel about them and are hand beaded and made. The quality is outstanding!

I wanted to do a "Water For Elephants" kind of thing but with a pony; something magical and vintage feeling. I even finger waved my daughter's hair, as I am also a hairstylist. She is such a good sport, as it takes hours to dry completely. Good thing she really likes to model for me.  :) 

My poor daughter was freezing. It was about 50 degrees outside at the time of this photoshoot. She seriously rocks. Using a pony was not without it's own issues but it all worked out and I really like how the images came out. Huge thanks to the owners of the pony Dallas & Mandy at the Rancho Sierra Visa Equestrian Center in San Juan Capistrano where you can take lessons as well! Mandy was literally 9 months pregnant when she came out with us for the photoshoot. She had the baby the next morning!! :) 

I made a huge 30x40 canvas from my trusty professional printing company Simply Color Lab of the one of her on laying against the horse and have it up on my wall. Love how it came out! 

Megan Alisa Photography | Orange County Family & Child Photographer

Today I have such a great family to share on the blog. I first met this family when the little one was only 5 weeks old and he is now 4 months old. Photographing him while he grows is such an honor! He is so adorable and his hair...oh his hair!!! Just scrumptious 

Look at the love here. Such a sweet moment. :)