Monday, May 20, 2013

Megan Alisa Photography | Orange County, Ca Editorial & Commercial Children's Fashion Photography

With being so busy, I totally forgot to share these photos I took for the amazing, handmade gorgeous outfits of Tutu Du Monde. If I was a little girl, these are the only outfits I think I would wear. They have this vintage heirloom feel about them and are hand beaded and made. The quality is outstanding!

I wanted to do a "Water For Elephants" kind of thing but with a pony; something magical and vintage feeling. I even finger waved my daughter's hair, as I am also a hairstylist. She is such a good sport, as it takes hours to dry completely. Good thing she really likes to model for me.  :) 

My poor daughter was freezing. It was about 50 degrees outside at the time of this photoshoot. She seriously rocks. Using a pony was not without it's own issues but it all worked out and I really like how the images came out. Huge thanks to the owners of the pony Dallas & Mandy at the Rancho Sierra Visa Equestrian Center in San Juan Capistrano where you can take lessons as well! Mandy was literally 9 months pregnant when she came out with us for the photoshoot. She had the baby the next morning!! :) 

I made a huge 30x40 canvas from my trusty professional printing company Simply Color Lab of the one of her on laying against the horse and have it up on my wall. Love how it came out! 

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